All Works
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  • is to make your business more efficient and successful with the help of an individual lighting concept
    • Own production and development of fixtures
    • Creation of lighting concepts and lighting projects
    • Service and customer support
    • Offices in Kiev UA, Warsaw PL, Mainz DE
    on the market
    17+ reliable
    global supplying partners
    About 50
    the best specialists
    40+ client
    companies in Ukraine and Europe
    750completed projects
    of various areas and sizes
    Individual design
    Ava Tech design and development team works independently on the luminaries concept design and its implementation. It is the unique design and the high technical performance that sets our products apart and underlines your brand identity.
    All Works +
    Warranty qualities
    Certified Products
    All products manufactured by AVA TECH are certified and correspond to Ukrainian and European standards, awell as being tested in independent state.
    Reliable suppliers
    Among our suppliers are exceptionally reliable and well-known manufacturing companies, the quality of components of which is confirmed by international certificates.
    Official warranty
    We are fully responsible for the work we have done, therefore we provide an official guarantee for a period of 5 years or more and more, depending on the project.