• Black RAL 9005, White RAL 9016, On request

Stylish, modern, and at the same time reliable solution for street lighting. The wide-angle light opening allows to reduce the number of luminaires and increase the distance between them. Eleven optics options are available to order, different powers and sizes of the luminaire to meet a wide variety of outdoor lighting tasks.

Application area

Outdoor luminaire for lighting streets, roads, parks, parking lots, and courtyards.


  • Lumen category 4200–14400 lm
  • Light colour 3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 К 5700 К
  • CRI 70
  • Pan/tite range -
  • Protection rating IP65
  • Beam angle 10 types of KSS
  • Certificates UA, CE
  • Life time 70,000 hours L70B30
  • Warranty 5 years / 25,000 hours


  • Body Aluminum welded
  • Body colour Black RAL 9005, White RAL 9016, On request
  • Optic Lens PMMA
  • Connection WAGO Terminals

Electrical equipment

  • Supply unit LED driver, Multiple control interfaces: 1-10V, Astrodimming
  • Lighting technology LED SMD

Mounting type

  • Mounting On console 50 mm