Exclusive, attractive, and efficient turnkey lighting solutions for Retail
Grocery Store Lighting
The right lighting in a grocery store can increase sales by 27%. Product lighting requirements are as varied as the food categories themselves. AVA TECH offers a unique approach to the development of lighting in grocery stores and supermarkets, based on innovative developments of the company.
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Clothing Store Lighting
In clothing stores, the most important lighting rule is to create a visually appealing and aesthetic picture for the customer. Our team not only knows well how to think over the right lighting in fashion retail but will also help to develop lighting that motivates shopping.
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Office lighting
When choosing the lighting in office spaces, it is not only about design but also about the comfort and health of employees. AVA TECH is ready to offer interesting and practical lighting concepts for offices and workspaces that will help make your office stylish and increase the productivity of your employees.
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Lighting for cosmetics stores
Lighting in a drogerie store combines two important elements - high-quality lighting of the shelves with the product and the creation of a minimum amount of shadows and glare, which will help the buyer to appreciate the true color of the product.
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Warehouse lighting
AVA TECH specialists create the correct lighting for logistics centers and storage areas that meets all standards. We know the nuances that require special attention and an individual approach when lighting each area of ​​a logistics center or warehouse.
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Sales floor lighting
Hypermarket lighting can be as different as the stores themselves. Despite the different product groups - products, furniture, household goods, or construction products - the lighting concept for a hypermarket must have a uniform style and concept.
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Lighting for a hardware and gadget store
Lighting for a store of household appliances and gadgets solves two main tasks. The first is to allow the buyer to carefully consider the product and its details because most often it is not a cheap product, and the buyer will use it for more than one year. The second task that can be solved by lighting - to focus on promotional products and new products, which will increase sales of this product.
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Lighting installation is an important step in interior decoration. The sequence of processes, the materials used, budget planning, safety engineering are formalized in the projects of lighting systems. The success of each project depends on the cooperation between the customer and the executing company. 

AVA TECH guarantees the coordinated work of engineers and designers, the result of which you will be satisfied. 

How to do good lighting design for premises 

Planning and drafting projects allow you to:

  • consistently achieve the desired result; 
  • save money by performing only planned costs; 
  • responsibly observe safety rules. 

It is in the interests of each customer to obtain a high-quality lighting design for premises.

The quality of the contractor’s work depends on previous experience and performance. The main stages of design and installation of lighting systems

  • preparation of technical specifications; 
  • study of the object; 
  • development of a design project of the lighting concept; 
  • creation of a layout, 3-D visualization of the project lighting; 
  • determination of equipment installation locations; 
  • selection of lighting equipment and budgeting; 
  • design of a place for cables; 
  • project preparation; 
  • complete set of control panels and power supply.

Before drawing up a project, you should agree on a deadline. You can save your budget by ordering lamps from the manufacturer but take into account the delivery period.

For what premises is the design of lighting systems being developed 

When developing lighting for an object, the designer takes into account: 

  • the height and type of the ceiling; 
  • preferences for brightness and light balance; 
  • probability of changing the layout; 
  • potential resource of power grids. 

3-D modeling will make it possible to see the optimal model of future lighting. 

Types of lighting projects depending on the object:

  • design of commercial lighting premises encourages the client to purchase; 
  • design of industrial lighting should provide a comfortable working environment for production; 
  • design of office lighting for a comfortable working environment and zoning of the facility; 
  • design of emergency lighting for evacuation of people; 
  • design of garden and park lighting; 
  • design of home lighting; 
  • decorative lighting design to enhance the atmosphere.

How to choose a good lighting project contractor 

Lighting system design does not have a fixed cost. The price depends on the size, location of the object, the amount of work, the timing of the order. 

When choosing a designer for cooperation, pay attention to:

When choosing a designer for cooperation, pay attention to:

  • the availability of previous works; 
  • terms of execution of the order; 
  • cost; 
  • availability of qualification documents; 
  • provision of services for the development of lighting solutions from the manufacturer
  • the interest of the contractor in the client.

AVA TECH offers high-quality execution of all stages of the design and installation of lighting systems.