Clothing Store Lighting

In clothing stores, the most important lighting rule is to create a visually appealing and aesthetic picture for the customer. Our team not only knows well how to think over the right lighting in fashion retail but will also help to develop lighting that motivates shopping.

Light intensity, color, and contrast are important parameters in lighting a fashion zone. The light intensity can be adjusted according to the basic tone of the clothing collection: for light clothes, less bright lighting is suitable, for dark clothes – more intense.

In clothing stores, it is important to maintain realistic and natural color rendition of goods. Before developing a lighting concept, AVA TECH specialists analyze the assortment of the store. As a result of this analysis, we will help you select the appropriate light sources. We have special solutions for jeanswear stores, business clothes, bright collections for youth, etc.

When developing a lighting concept, it is important to take into account the zoning in a clothing store, pay special attention to each of the following zones :

  • The entrance area and the showcase is the face of the store, where the client decides to visit your store or walk by;
  • The product area is the area for the presentation of your product. Here you need to pay attention to general and accent lighting, which will help to present your product;
  • Fitting room – the place where the buyer makes the final decision on the purchase of the product. It is crucial to pay attention to the placement of light sources, to avoid harsh shadows;
  • The cash register must be visible to the buyer from any point of the product area and stand out against its background. With a high requirement for the level of illumination, this area should remain comfortable for the buyer and store employees.
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    Lighting for clothing stores

    Fashion retailers know how important it is to create the right mood on the sales floor. Spontaneous purchases made on pleasant emotions bring good turnover. To increase purchasing power, boutique owners spend a lot of money on the services of interior designers, they invite experienced stylists for competent window dressing. But even the most expensive decor will fade with improperly designed trading floor lighting.

    Buying expensive lamps is not enough for beautiful lighting. A clothing store lighting project should be developed by a professional in this field, like our company “AVA TEK”.

    Our specialists are guided by the concept of the brand presented in the store. For shop windows and mannequins, they use reflective accent lighting, in which a direct beam of light focuses on the model, emphasizes the texture of the fabric, and clearly conveys the colors.

    The shade of lighting for the boutique is selected in accordance with its category:

    • for baby products use bright daylight;
    • evening wear is most favorably emphasized by warm, subdued light;
    • for casual clothing, choose daylight close to natural;
    • for youth and sports brands – bright clear lighting.

    Proper lighting of the fitting room is the key to sales growth

    Special attention is paid by our specialists to the correct lighting of the fitting room. Whether or not the buyer likes himself in the mirror during fitting will determine his purchase decision. The light should not distort the color rendering of the model, leave shadows and glare. Designers use side and top luminaires at the same time for beneficial lighting. This combination creates light that evenly flows around the figure and favorably emphasizes the merits of the model witch the customer is trying on.

    An important characteristic of lighting for fitting rooms in shops and boutiques is clear color rendition. Luminaires in such rooms are located too close to a person, and with insufficient clarity of their spectrum, they can distort both the color of the clothes and the skin tone of the buyer himself, which spoils his impression of trying on.

    In addition to designing lighting for Fashion Retail, we also develop projects and install the right lighting for offices. All services of the company, on whose account cooperation with such brands as ATB, Eva, Brocard, can be found on the official website.


    What kind of lamps to choose for lighting different colors and textures of clothes?

    The light intensity can be adjusted according to the basic tone of the clothing collection: for light clothes, less bright lighting is suitable, for dark ones - more intense. For white clothes, it is better to choose lighting with a special spectrum that will make the clothes look truly white. For dark ones, choose brighter lighting, with an illumination level of at least 500-1000 lux. The most common color temperature for clothing stores is neutral white lighting of 4000 K. To create a cozy atmosphere in a store or stores selling home or children's clothing, lighting sources with a color temperature of around 3000 K are installed. For jeans stores, we recommend using special matrices, which will help convey the color and texture of the fabric.

    What kind of lamps to choose for lighting clothing stores?

    Most often, for small clothing stores with an area of up to 300 m2 in our projects we use only track lamps that perfectly cope with the task of general and accent lighting. Also in such stores, it is possible to use various design solutions that will emphasize the interior of the store and become part of its design ... If we talk about large-format stores, with large rows and aisles between departments, here you can use linear lamps - which will fill the store with general light, and track lamps - which will place the necessary accents on the product.

    How to choose the lighting for a fitting room in a clothing store?

    What we would like to pay attention to when lighting fitting rooms is the location of the light sources. Usually, in fitting room lighting, mistakes are made using overhead light, which does not illuminate the buyer correctly and creates unnecessary shadows. Lighting will be correctly placed at the top between the buyer and the mirror, as well as direct the light from the mirror. When lighting fitting rooms, it is important to take into account such an indicator as the color rendering index, which must be at least 95 so that the buyer understands the real color of the clothes. This will help the store to reduce the percentage of product returns.

    What lighting options should you choose for lighting clothing stores?

    For general lighting of the store, depending on the color of the walls, ceiling, and other design features and renovation of the premises, we recommend setting the general lighting at a level of 300 L for boutiques to 800 L. As for accent lighting, depending on the color of the clothes, the display of goods, and the level of general illumination, accent lighting can reach 1600 L. The most common color temperature for clothing stores is 4000 K. It can vary from product, renovation, and store concept. The color rendering level for a clothing store should be at least Ra ≥90. It will help the buyer to see the product better.