We create our products by studying the pains and needs of today's retail market

Floor sales will not be effective without quality lighting. It is important to correctly direct the light to the shelves with goods for the business to be successful and bring in more profits by attracting new customers. If the shop windows are poorly lit, visitors quickly lose interest in the store. The decrease in attention to the product placed on a poorly lit shelf can be noticed after a few days. That is why it is important to buy bright lamps on time to illuminate the store.

The presence of comfortable light creates a favorable atmosphere for long-term shopping, thanks to which visitors will be inside the trading floor for as long as possible and will be able to pay attention to all the goods, thereby increasing revenue. We are manufacturers of lighting fixtures in Ukraine and offer you high-quality products to create a pleasant atmosphere in the sales area. 

What can retail lighting be like?

In most cases, when choosing the correct lighting for a store, preference is given to ceiling lamps. But this option is not suitable for every room. If there is a high ceiling on the trading floor, or there are separate dimly lit areas, you cannot do without additional lighting. To provide sufficient lighting for shops and retail space, you can purchase:

  • led-lamps from the manufacturer; 
  • linear structures on pendants, from which it is possible to build continuous lines of 10 or more meters;
  • linear and round type luminaires for plasterboard; 
  • LED-type lighting for supermarkets, protected from moisture and dirt.

Particular attention should be paid to the lighting of the display case. The administration of stores always treats these elements with special responsibility, since in this case the amount of profit depends on the correct placement of the light. 

Such store lighting fixtures are placed both inside the showcase, behind its glass, and outside of it. Thus, attention is focused on the most in-demand products, which attracts potential customers and creates a constant stream of sales profit. 

General LED sales floor lighting is not as bright as shop windows. This allows you to select only the necessary zones, implementing all the ideas of the store administrators. 

We are engaged in the design and installation of lighting systems at a professional level, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the catalog and make a choice in favor of the best lighting fixtures for your business. Such an investment will not go unnoticed and will bring benefits to the owners.  

Advantages of LED retail lighting 

Outdated lamp models have not been able to satisfy all the needs of customers for a long time, so ordering led lighting is the best option for your store. With its help, electricity is saved, and the bravest design solutions are implemented. 

We are engaged in the production of lamps in Ukraine and supply them at attractive prices. We propose to dwell on a simpler and safer technology for obtaining light, successfully complementing the interior.