Pendant Lights

Application area

The interior of the room will look complete with the proper distribution of artificial light. The perception of the design and the general atmosphere in the room depends on how the lighting fixtures are selected. Pendant lamps are very popular today and are used in any room. They are easy to install, practical and functional. Their height can be adjusted to the desired level, which makes it possible to independently adjust the level of illumination in the room.

What are the functions of pendant lights?

A pendant lamp is often used in areas that require a directional light flux (dining table in the kitchen, work area in the office). Such lamps are indispensable for objects with high ceilings, where it is necessary to equip sufficiently bright lighting.

In addition to their direct use, suspension luminaires perform other tasks in the interior of a room:

  • adjust the space, making it visually larger or smaller due to the correct selection of the size and height of the suspension;
  • a complement to other design details;
  • divide the room into several functional areas, if used as an additional light source;
  • create both directional luminous flux and diffused lighting.

Today, pendant models of lamps are produced in different variations and design styles. It will not be difficult to choose the right option for both the home and for organizing the lighting for your business.

The main points when choosing suspensions

When choosing suspended lighting in Ukraine, it is important to take into account not only your own preferences but also be guided by the criteria for their selection. First of all, we pay attention to the technical aspects of lighting technology. These are characteristics that indicate the main function of devices – lighting. It is important here to choose the right power of the device, its height, its number, and the diameter of the lampshades. For example, for organizing lighting in public places, it is recommended to take options for pendant LED lighting with a directional luminous flux.

Consideration should be given to the area of ​​application of the suspension fixtures. There are a lot of options on sale for home lighting design, lamps for lighting a store or galleries, catering places, and other objects. They will differ in shape, the material of manufacture, style of color scheme, and even their functionality. For example, track lighting systems for a store serve to unobtrusively focus the customer’s attention on certain groups of goods.

Take into account the main criteria for choosing lighting fixtures – this is a guarantee of creating the necessary atmosphere in the room.


Where are pendant lights used?

Pendant lights can be used for grocery stores, clothing stores, office lighting, art galleries, bar, cafe, and restaurant interiors. Thanks to their stylish design, such lamps will always adorn any interior.

How are pendant lights mounted?

Pendant luminaires can be mounted directly to the ceiling or by trunking. Depending on the model of the pendant lamp, the lamp can hang directly on the wire or have additional cables for fastening.

What kind of lighting can pendant lights be used for?

Pendant luminaires, depending on the model of the luminaire and reflector or lens, can be used for both general and accent lighting.

What kinds of pendant lights are there?

Pendant luminaires can be either with a thin and laconic tube-shaped body, or large and flat in the form of a panel. A separate type of lamp can be distinguished by various designer pendant lamps, which can become a highlight of any interior.