Emergency lights

Emergency lighting systems

AVA TECH creates and installs professional LED lighting. The range includes modern LED lighting fixtures, including emergency lighting for industrial premises and buildings.

The safety of people’s lives depends on emergency lighting fixtures, especially when it comes to hotels, secure facilities, shopping centers, high-rise buildings, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Emergency LED lamps help to leave the danger zone in an organized manner. It is crucial not only to install them but also to be confident in their reliability and serviceability.

Types of emergency luminaires

By type of placement:

  • built-in;
  • ceiling;
  • wall.

The body material is usually aluminum. The luminaires are conveniently and securely attached to the surface, easy to install.

Any of these types of LED emergency luminaires will maintain illumination without the presence of mains voltage.

Particular attention is paid to the reliability and quality of the electrical part of each light source, its correct and accurate assembly. AVA TECH guarantees the safe use and operation of the developed emergency lighting systems.

It is worth understanding the difference between evacuation lighting and backup lighting. The second one is not associated with the evacuation of people and is used to replace working lighting during the failure of central power, for example, at enterprises with a continuous technological cycle of work, in medical institutions, at transport, and other facilities. Backup lighting allows usual operations to continue.

The nuances of the selection of light sources

Before ordering an emergency light, you should pay attention to the nuances of the selection of similar products: 

  • number of watts;
  • battery life;
  • the requirements for the placement of light sources are also taken into account.

Requirements for the emergency light supply system

The light is located not only at the doors but also near the points of fire equipment and fire alarms. It is important to make sure that they not only can be found in the absence of electricity but also it is possible to freely use them.

Additional light is needed at the intersection of corridors and near first-aid posts.
When developing lighting systems, a project is created, which indicates the exact location of the light sources, their number, type, power.

How is the power supply of emergency light sources organized?

An AC or DC power source is selected. During a standard working regime the batteries store energy, and in the event of an emergency, it is consumed.

It is important to ensure high system reliability and good visibility. The height of the LED emergency lighting luminaires is at least 2 meters.

AVA TECH company occupies a confident position in the design of lighting devices for production and industry, office buildings. Its specialists know the nuances of the selection of lighting for all types of objects.

The cost of emergency luminaires is discussed with each client individually. The most effective autonomous electrical equipment is selected:

  • permanent lamps;
  • non-permanent lamps;
  • combined light sources;
  • autonomous light sources;
  • central power lamps.

The ready-made emergency lighting will meet all your requirements. It will provide safety in case of fire, earthquake, any other natural disaster, or sabotage.

Discuss the design of emergency light sources with an AVA TECH specialist.


Where are emergency luminaires used?

Emergency luminaires are used when the permanent work lights are off. Such lighting, according to regulatory enactments, is a necessary attribute of any room where people are staying. Such devices can operate for several hours in a row without a power source.

What are the types of emergency luminaires?

Emergency lighting can be divided into emergency evacuation lighting and backup lighting. Thanks to the built-in battery, such luminaires can continue their work in the absence of constant lighting.

What is emergency evacuation lighting used for?

Emergency evacuation lamps are used for: - lighting of exits in case of an emergency; - lighting of stairs and landings; - lighting of safety signs; - evacuation routes; - fire protection shields; - buttons that turn on the fire alarm.

Where is backup lighting used?

Back-up lighting is used in places where it is impossible to instantly stop a working technological or other processes. Such lighting makes it possible to continue the work process that took place in the room. Such lighting should be applied in commercial, industrial, office premises, logistics centers, hospitals, and other places of human activity.