Outdoor luminaires

Application area

When setting up an area around your home or workspace, you will definitely need high-quality lighting. For protected objects, this will be the guarantor of a wide view for monitoring the territory. Outdoor lighting will ensure safety and help you move around securely at night. You can buy a street lamp at affordable prices on the Internet on the company’s website. The catalog contains different types of lighting fixtures: pendant LED lighting, built-in lighting, wall lighting, and a host of other options at reasonable prices.

LED outdoor lighting – what are its advantages

Outdoor lighting should be safe for eyesight, economical, and at the same time provide an overview of the territory. LED lamps for outdoor lighting should not hit the eyes, blind the driver, or flicker. It is necessary to choose the appearance of the luminaire based on the design and personal wishes of the customer.

A lamp from the manufacturer, purchased via the Internet on the company’s website, has many advantages:

  • reasonable cost;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • high-quality shockproof housing and glass;
  • high-quality color rendering;
  • resistance to high and low temperatures;
  • high-quality wiring.

Light beams will be bright, but they will not blind passers-by or drivers. On the website, you can find lamps and lanterns from the most famous manufacturers. All LED outdoor lighting fixtures from the manufacturer have high protection against external environmental influences.

How to choose and buy LED outdoor lighting fixtures

Street lamps will become a stylish and useful addition to the decor of adjacent territories. The choice should be based on the needs of the buyer. The website has a catalog of goods, as well as filters, thanks to which you can choose the perfect option. The staff of the website is ready to advise buyers on any issue of interest.

Outdoor LED lighting can be of various types:

  • pendant lighting ;
  • floor lamp;
  • wall lighting;
  • built-in lighting.

Having chosen the required type of lamps, you should leave a request on the website, and confirm the order. Now you do not need to spend personal time on shopping trips and long searches. Buying a product here, everyone will receive a quality guarantee and a wide range from trusted suppliers.


Where are outdoor luminaires used?

Outdoor luminaires in Retail can be used for street, facade, and parking lighting. The level of dust and moisture protection of such luminaires is IP65, which makes it possible to use these luminaires in the most difficult environmental conditions. Outdoor lighting helps to secure the territory and to navigate in space without any problems. Also, street lighting plays an important role in the correct operation of CCTV cameras.

How are outdoor luminaires installed?

Outdoor luminaires are console mounted - this type of installation is the most popular and fastest.

What to look for when choosing parking lighting?

When choosing the lighting for parking, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of the luminaires: - the presence of a strong sealed case, choose models with a degree of protection of at least IP65; - corrosion resistance of the luminaire body; - long service life; - luminaires should harmoniously fit into the design of the surrounding objects.

What are the technical standards for outdoor lighting?

The illumination level for highways, depending on the type of road, should be 10-20 lux. Roads in the village - 6-4 lux. Pedestrian streets and sidewalks - 4-10 lux. The color temperature for street lighting is most often in the range of 3000-4200 K. Warmer - for places of rest, and colder for lighting roads and parking lots.