Track systems

Application area

To draw the attention of the customer to a specific group of products, the store uses well-organized lighting. General uniform light will not cope with this task. Therefore, for this purpose, they use recessed lamps or track lighting systems for the store. The main task of such lighting fixtures is to accentuate a separate group of goods, to make it more catchy and noticeable. Track systems are more functional than mortise systems, so their use at the point of sale is considered optimal.

Track lighting design

Manufacturers of lighting fixtures in Ukraine release tracks in the form of stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic profile. A track light is a structure consisting of a track and lighting fixtures on it. Tires are embedded inside the profile. They are isolated from each other. The number of tires in the track lamp determines the number of phases in lighting technology. The lampshades are attached to the profile, and their contacts are connected to the tires. Some industrial luminaires have the ability to include different groups of lamps independently of each other. A feature of track systems is the ability to move the luminaires along the profile. This makes it possible to change not only the angle but also the place of illumination without mounting work.

Installation of track systems occurs on the ceiling or on hangers.

Today you can see interesting and diverse track lighting systems in Kyiv. Depending on the purpose, goals, and ideas of the designer, individual fragments of such lighting devices can be combined into T-shaped, X-shaped, or L-shaped structures.

Using track lighting systems for the store

To organize indoor lighting along with basic lighting fixtures, track fixtures help to accentuate the required group of products. For example, to highlight a new collection, to draw the attention of the buyer to a separate group of products. In small boutiques, track lights help highlight the customer service area, shelving perimeter.

Track lights can also be used for outdoor lighting:

  • store entrance;
  • sign backlight;
  • light is placed from the entrance to the desired product as if prompting where to go.

Track lighting systems for store windows are used to illuminate goods in their best possible way, create the right atmosphere for shopping at this point of sale, and provide enough light to attract the attention of the buyer.


Where are track lights used?

Track lights have a wide variety of applications, including retail spaces, shop windows, offices, bars, restaurants, art galleries, gyms, offices, and shopping centers. Some models of luminaires, due to the structure of the body or with the help of special reflectors, can simultaneously illuminate opposite racks.

How are track lights mounted?

Track lights are mounted on a busbar, which, in turn, can be installed in the ceiling or mounted on a suspension.

What kind of lighting can track lights be used for?

Thanks to the variety of models and optics, track lights can be used for general, accent, emergency lighting. It should be noted that this type of luminaire is most often used to illuminate the Fresh areas of stores, using a matrix with a special light.

Which track light to choose for matrices with special light?

We recommend paying attention to the Rony track light from AVA TECH. The high power of the luminaire will help to reduce the number of luminaires on the project. This luminaire is ideal for use in Fresh areas and other areas where specialized lighting is needed. Another option for using matrices with special lighting is the Chill series luminaires.