Linear lights

Application area

Lighting in work offices, schools, technical rooms, hospitals, or even warehouses must be of high quality and bright. In addition, one of the most important criteria is vision safety. For proper lighting, the best option would be to purchase linear LED indoor luminaires. The Internet offers a wide range of products in this category in various price categories.

Why is it worth installing linear lighting in the room?

You can choose lamps for lighting a store, office, home, and other premises at an acceptable cost. The company presents a product in the catalog in an assortment, so it will not be difficult to find the right one. Various models are collected here:

  • fluorescent;
  • LED;
  • ceiling;
  • wall;
  • mortise;
  • build-in;
  • long (for plant illumination) and others

You can also purchase trunk luminaires for lighting supermarkets and warehouses with electromagnetic or electronic ballast. When choosing linear lighting for rooms, it is necessary to decide for what purposes it is used. This type of lighting can be assembled in one line. This method is applicable for equipping the premises of shopping centers.

How to choose linear lighting for a room on the website

The company offers buyers lighting systems of various popular manufacturers in different price categories. Here, using filters, you can select the required element based on the size, width, power, and type of the luminaire. It is possible to buy LED outdoor lighting fixtures, specifying this in the search parameters.

By buying linear lamps everyone gets many benefits.

  1. Quality assurance from the most famous manufacturer.
  2. Professional service and consultation of the manager.
  3. Unobtrusive modular connection of luminaires without breaking the light line.
  4. A wide range of goods and a user-friendly interface of the resource.

Now you do not need to waste time traveling and choosing lamps. It is enough to find the right one on the Internet, consult with a specialist and place an order. The company works only with trusted suppliers and always provides only high-quality goods. Purchasing luminaires from a trusted seller is the right solution for lighting commercial premises, as well as a guarantee of reliability and durability.


Where are linear luminaires used?

Linear luminaires have a wide range of applications, they can be used to illuminate all types of shops, warehouses, and offices. Thanks to a wide range of characteristics and lenses, these luminaires can produce diffused and concentrated light. Some models of linear luminaires can be collected in the mains, forming a solid line of light. Often this type of luminaire is used to design lighting solutions.

How are linear luminaires mounted?

There are two main types of installation for linear luminaires. The first of them is the installation of the luminaire on suspensions - this installation method is currently the most popular, as it gives the room a special lightness and style. The second method of installation is surface-mounted installation, in which case the luminaire is mounted directly to the ceiling.

What kind of lighting can linear luminaires be used for?

Linear luminaires can be used for general, directional lighting and some models can even be used as emergency lighting.

Can linear luminaires be interconnected?

Some types of linear luminaires can be easily connected to a line over 50 meters. This solution is perfect for long aisles or lighting storage and logistics areas.